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Quality & Returns

We do our best to ensure you receive quality products free of defects or errors.

Upon receiving products from our manufacturers, or upon producing them at-home, we conduct an inspection on each item to ensure it meets our quality standards.

However, mistakes happen, and we may overlook errors, defects or flaws. We are human, after all.

Below is our policy regarding returns and product quality:

A Quality Products

Products that have met our quality standards upon careful inspection are considered "A quality"
Should you receive your product, and it does not meet your own standards, please contact us asap.
We ask that you provide photographs and describe the issue. This helps us discern what the problem is and improve.

Be it an issue with the product itself such as a defect we may have missed, or damage/loss due to shipping, we will happily replace it for you. No need to return it!

If a product is out of stock when you contact us, we will offer to replace it upon our next restock. Please note that restocking can take weeks or months, so please be patient!

B Quality Products

Products that have *not* met our quality standards are considered "B quality", and typically have noticable flaws or mistakes. 
Please check the product descriptions for what those flaws are.

B quality products are marked down in price, and due to their flawed nature, you are buying them as-is.

We only offer replacements if your product was damaged or lost during shipping, and will require photographic evidence (assuming it arrived) to discern if the flaw or damage is due to shipping or not.

If the B quality product is out of stock, and it qualifies for a replacement due to shipping problems, we will happily replace it with an A quality version for no extra cost.