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Astrologian Oracle Deck

Astrologian Oracle Deck

Designed and created by Strawbee, and launched successfully via Kickstarter, these decks are a unique spin on the cards used by the Astrologian job in FFXIV, presented as a unique oracle deck of cards.

Contains 12 divine, 8 arcana, and 2 lore cards, totaling 22 cards.
These decks come in a soft black velvet bag for safe keeping and storage.

Featured in 5 earth-toned colors: Green, Purple, Blue, Red and Grey.

These cards are ideal for avid FFXIV fans of the Astrologian job, and can be used for personal readings, collecting, or for cosplay.

If you use them for cosplay, please let us know and show off your outfit! We would be ecstatic to share your cosplay on our social media!

Please note that the first image shows a gold edge on the cards. This option is not available at this time.